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January 07, 2008



Everytime I read one of these etiquette lists for twitter, it makes me wanna break every rule listed!

Phil Morle

@dekrazee1: You already do don't you?


I hear you, and it frustrates me too when i keep getting notifications that someone feels like a coffee. But personally, I don't care very much how large or small my Twitter audience is.

As long as it has my key peeps on it (you, Mick, obviously, and my mum, though not my wife as she's still stuck in 1.9) I don't really care who drifts in or out.

The only people who really need to consider Twitter etiquette are the people like you, factoryjoe, missrogue, etc for whom their twitterstream is part of their broader marketing relationship with their customers/users.

And you guys mostly have it down already cos if you didn't intuitively know how to do it, you wouldn't be doing this for a living, right?

...though sometimes missrogue's unalloyed love for factoryjoe gets a little repetitive... get a room, you two... with free wifi, obviously...

Ben Buchanan

I can't remember where I saw this suggested, but a good rule is this: if you've just posted three tweets in a row (ie. you're in the stream 1,2,3) then you should stop and think about what you're doing.

Tweet five times in a row and you really need IRC or a blog post ;)

Julian Schrader

thanks for this post -- another resource to link to in terms of twitter etiquettes and something that lets me think about some of my recent tweets ;-)


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