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July 17, 2007


Phil Morle

Three is 100% better with customer service imho.


Reminds me of Vodafone...
From time to time they erase my credit... then I have to spend hours on phone with them fighting to get it back... Happens every 4-6 weeks... Same fight every time...

Same things happen to one of my flatmate...

Such a waste of time and money for me... and them!

Craig Baker

This sort of experience is so common these days with large corporations. I think the call center is one of the worst User Interfaces in existence.


I told you Mick... Optus are have the worst Customer Service I've ever had. I was with them for 6 years too and they couldn't swap a phone number over to a new phone.

I had the same problem as you, the call rep didn't take notes down, each time I would speak to a new person and have to explain EVERYTHING again and each time they told me to do something I would tell them I have already done that, they would say do it again!!!

Went to Vodafone, haven't had a problem since (sorry pierre). I've heard 3 has the worst customer service Phill?

Uncle Mick

hey Mick , Ry,
My 3 are the same , after 6 calls and 6 different answers , and promises about return calls to assist with "my problem" , I finally cracked and asked to cancel my mobile , i was told the cancellation line was full , Ha ha , no wonder your service is crap , looks as though they are all the same , except good old AAPT , hey thats who I work for , No i think they may also have issues , DONT GO TO 3 they are the pits

Adam Howarth

Mick I have some experience here:

1. On speech recognition systems. The ERR (industry metric basically measure failure rate) exceeds 45% and you will find in most cases if you start swearing it will trigger the CSA workflow (meaning talk to a human)/ Talking to a CSA is the key. Even though the ERR is high the figures add up to executives signfing off on it due to the operational cost reductions.

2. The new IP revision networks are costly cos they are premium services with many millions invested in infrastructre. Sol wasnt bragging when he said Telstra's 3g is the worlds biggest 3g network.

You could claim you have been mislead where you didnt understand the true nature of the contract etcetc and basically invoke the trade practices act which is a federal act in law that protects consumers.

If you want me to help you more specifically contact me - you have my real email address.

This incident aside I am sure everything is going well with you and remember you have always a place welcome to drop in when visiting Canberra.

All the best Mick.


If you are not happy with the result tell them that you will lodge a formal complaint with the Telecom Industry Ombudsman. This normally encourages them to find a solution because the TIO charges them as soon as they get a complaint.

Unless the Telco is passionate about defending the case its simply not worth the money or trouble.


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