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December 04, 2006



You did well bro!

Try and relax and pretend there is no camera there. I see a couple times you look at the camera and smile... it makes you look nervous.

Otherwise, I think you gave Tangler a good wrap!

Mick Liubinskas

Oh, I was trying to actually look at it to engage the audience. That didn't work so well I guess......

Cheers bro.


No you did give viewer interaction. Maybe next time, when you speak about the viewers (like when you mentioned someone looking for myspace or just being told about myspace) THEN speak directly to the camera and give a feeling like they are there listening to you.

You did really well bro!


well there's a turn up little brother giving advice?? YEEEESSSS
very balanced interaction between the two I think


Try and imagine everyone in the room naked

Mick Liubinskas

Is that advice for public speaking or just how you get through the day JMab?

With you working in IT in finance I find that difficult to stomach!


If you saw my team, you'd know I wouldn't want to see them naked!

According to a couple of ladies men in my team though, there are a lot of very attractive ladies in investment banking (like my wife!), especially striding around the trading floor.

There's a big difference in the finanical world, you get jet-setting investment banking types on one end of the spectrum and Kenny on the other.

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