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December 04, 2006



I love my mac so much. All I need now is for Parallels to support my Windows Vista Parition on Bootcamp (it only supports XP for now), and 2 gigs of ram (I only have 512 :P) and I'll be good to go.

Some of my favorite Apps you might want to check out:

- Audio Hijack Pro
- Textmate
- Transmit
- XyleScope
- Transmission
- iPulse
- CandyBar
- TinkerTool (not really an app I guess)


Macs - for the artistic and masochistic

Mick Liubinskas

So do I fit into both? Or just one?

Come on John - come out and say it.

I know you want to!



I can understand the appeal of Macs, they are very shiny. They would never be considered in the world I work in though.

Linux users are even more masochistic though. They spend hours tinkering and talk constantly about how powerful their OS is, but they never actually do anything with it! Too many Linux hobbyists out there.


strongly recommend switching from Entourage to Apple Mail, mick, it's way better. Say goodbye to the evil .PST for good.

You definitely need 2Gb of RAM, esp if, like me, you don't have dedicated vRAM in your MacBook and you want to get decent framerate in WoW.

You mosdef can maximise a window! read the manual dude.

Have you tried Expose for viewing multiple windows? Go to your manual again.

You can drag the column dividers when navigating your directories to make the columns wider. You can set them that way for good in Finder prefs.

Checkout iBackup for backups, free, and better than Quicksilver IMHO.

Also checkout Adium for instant messaging.

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