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October 12, 2006



so what are you going to do about it - by 2050 one of you on balance should be in a position of power - start working on a program dont wait

Simon H

according to the scaremongering by 2050 sea levels are going to be 7 metres higher - i suggest that everyone run for seats in very high electorates or have companies in said electorates. People are starting to wake up to the unsustainability of the way we consume - companies are tapping into that. It's what they do. Whether they are legit depends on if they get checked on. Read Tim Flannery's "The Weathermakers" very bloody interesting. Everyone has the power to change the world just through the way they shop - its what the western world is based on. I'll shut up before i leave an essay.


You said: "For all my bottle recycling, I'm still burning lots of coal to keep those bottles cold."

WHY?! You can easily buy Green Power. You don't even need to change your energy provider.

More info, plus the full list of Green Power providers is available at: (just select your state).

For more info on what you can do, including buying Carbon Credits to offset the emissions you can't help causing (flying, driving cars etc) check out my post for more info and links:

Oh, and go see An Inconvenient Truth. The message is important, whether you like Al Gore or not.


P.S. Yes, it's important we force people in a 'position of power' to do something.

But lets not forget we're each in a position of power right now.

Anyone can become Carbon Neutral today. Why wait for someone seemingly more powerful to "do something" about the crisis if you're personally still causing it?

(This is by no means an attack on Mick or anyone's comments, most people don't currently know how they can become Carbon Neutral. Please help spread the word!)


Thanks Ro. I'm going to switch today.

I'm also going to buy some credits for all my flights.




Thanks to use my picture on your blog : )

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