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July 26, 2006



My real name is John, so I'm ok.

Simon H

you never used to see Simon anyway when i was a lad - now you see it a lot. I guess it's because all the Simon's from 20-30 years ago have changed the market for future Simon's now we are in a position to influence. I think my biggest psychological scar from when i was a kid (apart from the big ears thing) would probably have to be that my name was never NEVER said out loud on Romper Room. Damn that was disappointing.


Why were you in Babies Galore? Is there something you aren't telling me????

Simon H

secret's out - you're pregnant


I bet he was looking for something for Harry. I still haven't seen him, is that really bad of an Uncle? or is it the parents to decide when family members visit their children?

Help me out grown up, mature adults that visit this site often.

Simon H

it's only bad in the eyes of Bob and Nola. Hitler would have thought it was okay though.

Talking about Hitler - in a couple of thousand years do you think history will look back on him as a lovable larrikan that had his faults and he was only trying to exert his dominant personality. The reason I ask is that i was thinking about Ghengis Khan and the fact that he was basically a murderer but seems to be held in a rather positive light.


HAHA... I love the way your brain works. I think he might actually. Further on your point, I have been talking to many Germans recently (thats what happens when you mates go backpacking around Europe) and they have all moved on from the past and I think it will get to the stage where thinking possitively towards issues like this is the way of the future and easier to manage for future generations of Germans, Jews, and most likely now... Americans!


Clare is an easy enough name to find but Ladyclare ain't - and don't get me started on Rapunzel . . .

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