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May 19, 2006


Simon H

mmmm . . . . .is everyone as short as that in this game?


Who is the girl gnome and who is the boy gnome?

Simon H

Yasmine's cousins were playing this and it looked like there was a group of about 40 people trying to attack demons etc . . are you trying to build an exclusive gnome group? I think it would look hilarious if a group of 40+ gnomes surrounded or attacked you.


How can you be busy playing games while being "very busy" with the launch??

Simon H

it's got nothing to do with work and all to do with WOW - he's actually "launching" an attack on the grand daemon overlord of level 13 of Hades - name of Mordakai(thats the one that presides over flatulence and mild stomach pains - and can curse you with a debilitating case of diahorr . .diah . .. runny poo)

Kodi :D

hey mick,

ur cuz here (kodi lol) so i see a newbie (no offence) on WOW when u get to 60 come 'n duel my 60 dwarf hunter (you'll get owned LOL)

meh but ur gonna hav to wait 6 months since i kinda got banned...appearantly im too "addicted" to the game OooO rofl



Nice one Kodi. Thanks for dropping by. I'm lev 20 now, but definite noob. Fun though.


Hey Kodi, I'm a night elf hunter, but just started (level 12). Accidently starved my pet to death last night, so I need to work on that...

I too am waiting to get banned due to addiction, but so far Mick is letting me get away with it.

Father Mick

Kodi , u need to finish your homework and not play WOW in that time, you are "addicted"

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