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February 17, 2006



"we are people too, even if we don't have souls"

I'm confused, although it sounds like they are taking the piss, it kinda sounds like the stats and other info could be true about gingers or simply put, red haired ppl.


So, did this guy steal your idea? Site looks fairly new. You should try and get your ginger kids blog linked from it, imagine the traffic!

I want a t-shirt. The pink one with the red trim. Size M please. Thanks.


I just read it a bit more. I think the stats could be true, but I agree Ryan, it's a bit confusing.

And they definitely got one stat wrong. I have soul, bucko!!!!!


withdrawals! withdrawals i tells ya! what's going on? four days no new postings. I feel disoriented, confused, in the dark, alone . . . . man, i'm either going to have to get a life or do some work. Please don't let that happen.


I think he's on Holidays down the South Coast... But thats no excuse, the man works for an internet file sharing application for christ sake!

He must be distracted.. the man barely leaves the web.


He hasn't made a chess move in 6 days. I suspect he's cottoned on to my rysikch manoeuver that I've manoeuvered him into.


how do i get a ginger kid shirt the site is down

Mick Liubinskas

Don't know. Sorry. We don't have one.

to make your own.


Yes, i have a question, why dont ginger kids have any souls?


Lindsey Lohan is a hot red head.

watch west wing

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I cannot view the site. I will be directed to some kinda park domain page.


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