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December 12, 2005



I have a friend who lives down there and he said that he's too scared to go to the beach now, and he's built like a, well, he's pretty built. How awful to feel like that in your own neighbourhood...


I was saying earlier this morning that the only reason that mob had two brain cells to rub together on sunday was because there were so many of them down there.

Is it just plain racism? Do these people understand what they are angry about? Surely not just some lifeguards being attacked? (as bad as that is - those people don't get paid to do that job do they?). I was fuming that these moron's were waving Australian flags. I am also fiercely patriotic but i also have an understanding that not everything is black and white. I think that this is a serious problem that has been boiling under the surface for quite a few years. . . . .mob rule, the chickens are restless. Maybe after they arrest and charge all the idiots involved they should make them do community service in areas outside their comfort zone - let them see there is another world out there in their own backyard. Fukin' eejits.


Being Australian: Hating people from anyhwere else

- Barry Humphries


OK... I think I'm going to get a big frown from everyone for this but ... they had it coming. Seriously! I'm not saying that the level of racism which was on display was right, nor was it effective. BUT I have had many experiences when you would be enjoying a night out or day out and its ruined by smart ass groups of "homies" (wogs, Australian, Asian, everyone!!) start to be rude arrogant mother f#@ckers who really get on your nerve, and because they are in numbers they act all tough. This was the Australian Yobbo way of saying... F OFF! we can come in groups too...

I felt sick seeing them gang bash innocent people, throw bottles at cops and saying "Go Home!" but I think its good to see Australians stand tough but in no way approve of the way the carried it out. A nice peaceful picknic on the beach would have been much more civil.


I want to stress that I don't think what I saw from the riots in Sydney were at all Australian... I've got many many friends from all different nationality... I mean.. just to rattle off a few surnames... Farrugia, Vrolyk, Liubinskas, Stewart (kiwi), Recher.... So you can see I love Australian multiculturism but I don't like arrogant smart asses who treat total strangers like a good opportunity to pick a fight... I still till this day have never been in a punch up but I assure you that when it does, It would most likely be from people out of town, fueled by alcohol (oh yes... why the hell wasn't the blame put on that!!!) and over the littlest minute difference.

Cultures will always have their differences... Australians, I think, have done pretty well to cope!


And really, this is nothing new. This sort of thing has been going on for centuries in many countries and will continue to occur.

Are we shocked because it happened in Australia? What makes us so different from other nations? Clearly, nothing.

There will always be pockets of people who will go to extremes. It's sad, but it's the way it is and I don't think it will ever change, unfortunately. There's just not enough love in the world.


What we fail to realise is that in order for there to be good in the world there must be evil!

It's the balence of life and death, Happy/Sad, Fun/Boring, Pain/Pleasure..

I thought the other day, wouldn't it be cool if there was a sunset or sunrise all day, and the sky was coloured pink and red all day... Then thought.. no.. that would be crappy, it wouldn't be such a great surprise and happy ending or start to a day.

I personally think life is perfect... at least we get an even mix!


i'm just worried that the government is giving these people money to breed.


Its called the dole.. haha

My Girlfriends father and I believe there should be a licence to parent children.

If you need one to drive, you should need one to bring a human into the world.


Ry, the problem I have with your comment is that you say "them" and "level of racism.

With the first, it's like saying that all Ryan's are tall and play basketball and 'they' are my brother. You describe the behaviour of di$%heads but by making your argument you are saying that the only di%$heads are muslims or Asians. Why don't we stand up against morons who get drunk and start fights? The challenge would be that many who turned up would be on the receiving end.

With the second, are you saying that some racism is OK? How much? Thinking that Germans suck? Saying it to friends behind their back? Turning up to a picnic rally against Brazillians?

Had it coming? Are you serious? Does the entire race have it coming? Did those innocent people have it coming?

And KC, I know that this is nothing new, but we feel it is wrong and maybe we are the first generation that has broadly thought it was wrong. So we can say 'It's just the way it is' or we can say 'I want to change things'.

Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate it. Keep them coming.

By the way, I also appreciate that what we've been making fun of with Ginger Kids is stereotyping. Do you guys think this is hypocritical of me? I feel it is.


Well, I am pretty sure that all Ryan's ARE tall and play basketball, but that's just been my experience and I wouldn't want to generalise...


And Mick, I think your comment about saying "I want to change things" is good stuff, and we can all do our bit, but there is always going to be an idiot in the mix somewhere.


Ahhh, so are you saying that your understandings are based on your experiences. Very profound. I think that post people when they get to know someone else respects them and lets them go on their way. They may not like them very much or want to spend time with them but they don't want them to come to harm.

So all we need to do is to get everyone in the world to meet everyone else in the world and everything will be fine!

Can everyone please line up?


OK, so maybe my theory there lakes practicalities. What about if everyone met one other person from another race, religion, country, sexual preference, etc?

Until then, just assume that everyone is ok until they prove otherwise. cool?




I have found that when groups live exclusively together and get used to their own ways they obviously become insular and develop their own ideas about certain issues - mostly my observations have been limited to whitebred communities. An example being that when i was working in the pub at Bathurst (a majority english speaking christian white community) i witnessed the old drunks at the bar start making "ching chong chink chong" noises and yelling "go home" - just because someone of asian extraction walked past. I told them it wasn't on but didn't press the issue, which with more experience under my belt, i would do now.
Would it help if they made the main offenders of sunday do community service in a muslim or maybe a different ethnic background community - say meals on wheels? It would expose them to another side of that community not related to young hot heads with a chip on their shoulder? Probably wouldn't make a difference. Are Lebanese people the Greeks of the noughties? Remember after the War (number II) when immigration was opened to others of the world greeks used to cop a lot of flak but it has now died down to general ribbing - if we scratched the surface would people still hate them? Or have they integrated into our society enough for it not to be an issue?

What do these rednecks want? Our country was the dumping ground of 'mother' england's criminals and unwanted refuse. Why try to hang onto english colonialism when it so obviously didn't want us? We have the opportunity to make things better but old hangups seem to linger and fester - is it only a disease of lower classes? or the non too intelligent?

it'll all die down in about a week anyway when some other story of the moment makes the headlines - like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman having a baby.


If you move to another country, you need to live by their rules. Racially-motivated gang raping is not acceptable in Australia, I can understand the anger of the majority Australians (i.e. the Caucasians). If a member of my family of friends was a victim, I might be heading out with deadly intent, so I can't completely condemn the Bra Boys (all very tribal this).

Anti-Islamic feeling is growing worldwide. We're lucky enough to be on the strong side (they blow up 50 people on the tube, we inadvertantly kill 50k Iraqi civilians). Humans are violent and flawed. Last century we hated Nazis, then we hated Communists, now we hate Islamiacs. After the oil runs out we'll find someone else to hate. That's our nature. Best to retire to the country.


the country is no good - Country people are next on the list. I hear tell that the farmers are going to start hoarding food, sick of growing it for those ungrateful city folk. Besides, they have shifty eyes and are notorious for those gangs they call masonic halls. They run the country and the world you know, stop honest people from making a go of it.


I agree, there is always going to be something to hate. We might be annoyed by something at the moment but as soon as a majority feels annoyed by it, it then becomes an issue.

To answer your question Simon, these Rednecks are always going to be like that, either in small groups of friends, or large riots. The life guards being bashed only gave them an excuse. To give you an example of how this provokes other groups to do the same (just like Jihad) I got a message of an old high school aquaintance just yesturday...

"Aussies: This Sunday at Terrigal at 1pm its our turn to have a go and fight for the Central Coast. These grease ball monkeys with there gold chains and fully sick cars need to know that where not going to cop any shit either. We all have stories about these Lebs/Wogs rapeing our sisters or bashing our brothers, its not on. So bring your grog on Sunday and lets start cracking skulls for each other for once. Forward this to everyone Aussie you know.

So you see... its fueled by revenge.. alcohol... stupidity and most of all anger towards what they don't understand.


That's a good poing Ry.

What did you say to your acquaintance? Did you message back and say,
"hey, that's not on man, violence doesn't achieve anything. Don't do it."

I think you change attitudes and you stop hate by being a good person, being an example and being a positive influence on those around you. Even if you can make your dickhead mates think for one second that it's not on, then that's a step in the right direction.


I think I'm going to be slightly under educated to take on this argument but I will give it a shot.

YES! I believe everyone is racist in some way. Hell, I even call myself a wog everynow and again, I get pissed off when I see slow ass asian driver on the road and yes I get pissed off when a group of wogs hang out at the beach and try and pick fights. But guess what, I also see my brother who looks more like a scotsman than a wog, I see plenty of asian hoons who can drive better than me, and now we all see that it is not just wogs and lebos who come in groups trying to cause trouble.

I think we're WAY beyond the point of racial tension. We are brought up believing that everyone fits into some type of group or culture. How different is being classyfied as a nerd or a jock than being called a wog or Asian. If you associate yourself with a certain group of people, then your going to be stereotyped for it.

I never said that the only dickheads were only Muslims or Asians (My quote -- "wogs, Australian, Asian, everyone!!"

One of the most used terms in today's society is "contradiction" and I myself am both a user and an abuser of the term.

I say there are different levels of racism because there is. You mentioned the Nazi's before, saying that if you hate one German, you hate them all. I don't know about you but I thought that everyone was an individual. I do hate the Germans who gassed innocent Jews, I do hate the Mulsims who are trying to Destroy the way of life, I do Hate George Bush for starting a war for his own personal gains and trying to make us believe it was for WMD!! BUT I don't hate all Germans, Muslims or Americans. I in fact love a every race in the world, but I can still express my opinions towards individuals (who all fit into a race of some sort).

In closing Mick, "Them" may be pointing to a minority of a certain race or just a group of troubles teens... and "level of racism" is something that I might believe in and you might not, but thats just the way it is.


Well I was actually thinking in a different direction. Telling the local police about the message to give them a heads up.

Yes, I agree that the best way to lead someone in a possitive direction is to make an example of yourself. However I don't think that anger is the prime reason for this message, its both an excuse and an opportunity to get drunk and let off some excess testostorone. It what males do.


"For those who are interested, thanks to technology I have received an sms saying there will be a peaceful anti-racism rally at Town Hall this Sunday at 1pm. Please pass on to others who might be interested in attending. Thanks, Bron."


I think its all very interesting how all this racism is bubbling up now. People have been silent about their true feelings, not airing it in public, but a violent event like this puts it all out in the open. Now we're getting the "Us" vs "Them" stuff like JMab says - "They" blow up 50 people on the tube, we inadvertently kill 50 Iraqi civilians - no line of distinction is drawn. Iraqis, muslims (of every race and colour) arabs, asians everyone is a "they". And "they" are not white. The english and Kiwis who make up the majority of the Immigrant Australian population are not classified as a "they" because they are white, they dont look different. And all the stereotypes are coming out now, those damn slow asian drivers eh Ry? Good thing you never got into a car with me then - might make you rethink your opinion. And no, not everyone is racist to some degree, only racists think that to justify their uneducated, narrow-minded beliefs. This riot is just the start in helping a fairly new country come to terms with its changing, evolving population.


I like that last point about being in the middle of change. I think that is valid. I do think it is important for people who are open minded and understanding to get in the debate to make sure that change moves towards understanding and not backwards to more violence.

That is why the anti-racism rally would be good. KC said to me that she thought it might be a trouble spot. It is sad to say that she might be right, but I'd like to be there anyway. The more good people who turn up, the less likely it will be bad and the more likely it will be positive.


Sorry Samscomp but it wouldn't make me rethink my opinion. Maybe you might have missed my point or I might not wrote it in a sophisticated enough language for you to comprehend. What I was trying to say that although I might think that way... I almost always come back to the conclusion that I was being racist. IT might be caused by a streotypical view that we are presented with from our older generation, the entertainment industry or influenced by our close peers but it just seems these days you can't have an opinion of a race, group or SINGLE PERSON without sounding stereotypical or racist.

You believe our generation is narrow minded and uneducated then why don't you take a look at the cock and bull the Government and news are feeding us. "racists think that to justify.." BULLSHIT! I would never approve or be involved in the actions that took place on the beaches last weekend but I wouldn't let something like that stop me from having my opinion regarding THEM muslims who blow shit up, THEM Nazis that gas people, THEM Wogs who beat on people for fun, THEM Americans for invading Iraq, THEM or THEM Australians for reacting in such a violent mannor! BUT guess what, I don't consider my self a racist because I view every German, American, Wog, Asian, WHATEVER with the same attitude I give everyone! YES, I might think to myself.. "asian drivers.. but no, I'm not going to run them off the road, or punch them in the face if I saw them at the next stop, its a thought, not an action!

It seems to me that as soon as someone has an opinion about someone, the first thing they do is check that it falls into an opinion regarding race or stereotypes. Next it will be "wrong" if you call someone fat or tall or muscley... because its "stereotypical... "

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