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December 29, 2005


two cents

There is a more important question here - and that is driving barefoot. Driving barefoot is dangerous and stupid and I think its very irresponsible for you to use an image where the driver is obviously wearing no shoes.


i've heard the hype surrounding driving with no shoes but cannot for the life of me remember someone saying why? Why is it dangerous to drive without shoes? Surely it's not because your toe hair might get entangled in the pedal thereby stopping you from pressing the brake? Bare feet are the most natural thing in the world - you get sensitivity and better control.
I'd like to be enlightened on the disadvantages of bare foot driving.

p.s. Mick - i use a manual but in my dim memory i seem to recall using only one foot with an automatic. Seems natural when you use your right foot in a manual to control acc/brake.


The driver is very obviously wearing no shoes. Well noticed.

However I'm not sure it's so irresponsible. I'm not saying - hey, look at this, everyone should drive without shoes.

Also, from what I understand, I don't think it is illegal to drive without shoes. I think it is illegal to drive with thongs on. I can understand why. They can slip off and they can get caught in stuff.

Is it illegal to drive in high heels? It should be!

two cents

It is not illegal in most states including Texas. But I agree with Mick, I dont believe women should be allowed to drive at all


Ahhh, Texas. Two Cents, we are mostly in Australia. But the point is Universal I think.

Question for you - in the USA, you drive on the left side of the car, but the accelerator is still on the right isn't it? It is not reversed. I drove in the states earlier this year. Hmmmm.

two cents

Why should we reverse it - we invented it.. you reverse it!!! I am tired of Europeans being so jealous of the greatest and most powerful country in the world. How tall are you? Are you feet and inches or do you still measure yourselves in sticks and stones?


Europeans? We're from Australia. In the South Pacific? I'm not sure if you can be the greatest country in the world if you don't know what exists outside your border.

I'm pretty sure that arrogance was the key reason for the fall of the last five empires.

And we measure ourselves in centimetres and metres, which is the most modern standard. Inches and feet are a throw back to old English standards where a foot was the length of the kings foot. Who's using sticks and stones now? Never mind, sticks and stones will never hurt me. :)

BTW, I'm just having fun, with this. I hope I didn't offend you.


I think two cents is having a bit of fun ;-)

It is legal to drive with bare feet, but not if you have curly toes. If you do, you have no control over your destination.


I find that "stick's and stone's" comment offensive. I mean, we have moved way beyond that type of measurement. We are now updating our measurement in "chickens" as in 'i stand fourteen chickens high'. But there has been some recent controversy over what type of chicken should be used as standard - Plymouth Rock or Rhode Island Red. The punters are trying to push the Australorp as the set standard though.

We also run our electricity generators off chicken power - not only are they efficient but are funny to look at on those belts that go round and round.


You should use one and only one foot for both the accelerator and brakes. If you use both feet, eventually you might hit both the accelerator and the brake at the same time which
1) will hurt you brake pad BAD..
2) make a screeching noise
3) the car will not stop as fast and instead make a tire mark on the road.
4) so dangerous during bad weather.

Not to mention ok so what if you can hit the accelerator and the brakes separately each with different feet? Is it really necessary? You need the car to coast to slow down without stepping on anything.

Only race car drivers will do what your dad do..but on the race if they step on both gas and the brakes, and turn, it will make the car turn sharply and fast WITHOUT losing speed. But on the regular traffic you think you need to turn fast without losing speed? That's for you to decide.

Paul Bowen

I know I am two years late, but Europeans invented the automobile.


A Flemish fellow invented a steam-powered automobile in 1672.

A Swiss chap invented the internal combustion engine.

An automobile with a gasoline engine was built by a German (Karl Benz of Mercedes-Benz) in 1885. He is credited with the invention of the modern automobile.

Americans invented the first mass produced, affordable automobile.

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