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November 28, 2005



Mick, your never going to be a father with that mind frame... When buying something for Billy it should be more analytical, god knows how many times I buy something that at the time seems creative but maybe with a little more thought would be used more than the 2 hours at Christmas time.


despite this being a plug for skype i think that i have found a massive hole in your theory (sort of). How you use your phone would depend on whether you are right handed or left handed - it is difficult to write or use your right hand listening to the phone on your right side when you are right handed. Does this mean that left handed people are all creative and are doomed never to be analytical? Probably (a world of left handers would be a telemarketers dream). Maybe you should start up a left handed part of your blog ala ginger kids. I'm sure it would be a hit as well.


Did you know that right-handed people live, on average, 9 years longer than left-handed people?


Hmm, some very good points.

Simon, I like your point about if you write left handed then you will have your phone in your left hand and use your right brain. So your right hand is being analytical but your ear is listening in a creative way.


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