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April 25, 2005



Generally 30:40:30.

(But the things I'll still be chuckling bout on my deathbed score a solid 0:5:95 ;)


I thought you would remember the ones that are 0:99:1

but I would of put you at 30:50:20


Mick, in my life the specific event must have some impact. For example, I am sure all my events don't have the same ratio as copulation, which is 98:02:00.


bro, Most things happen quickly enough that I dont stress too much prior to an event, during the event I am mostly over tense, but after I sit back and congratulate myself for a job well done. 8:50:42


I like the sexual event ratio reference, although I couldn't possibly comment on the ratios. Maybe you'd like to speculate about the ratios of your partner???

What other events have different ratios?
* Christmas with your family.
* Going to McDonalds.
* Going to a movie.
* First date.

I think my first date ratio would be like 49:1:49 just because you think so much about it then you go, then you think so much about what just happened.

BC? Who are you? More clues needed.


Well, it all depends on what type of first date your talking about mick.

One night stand - 5:94:1
Blind Date - 40:5:55
Unexpected Love - 5:45:50


Hmmm. I recon you guys haven't had hot enough dates / passionate enough love yet. I seem to have accumulated some major love-reminisce-mileage... Sticking to 0:5:95! Though I'm now dreaming hopefully about it happening again... which would lift the anticipation side, right?

Meanwhile I've been so busy i've not really thought about the fact I'm flying up to Port Douglas tomorrow night to meet my dad who just arrived (woo hooo! :) I only just got excited bout it. Recon I'll have a blast - then thoroughly enjoy the pics. So that'll probably be a 10:60:30.



Hmm, as for the love life of the editor of this site and his brother, I'd prefer not to comment, but I certain welcome other comments from readers.

My friend Michelle P. is planning a big trip to Italy and France and assures me that for her, the trip will rank a 30:50:20, which I feel is about right for her. We did spend some time going through photos of her birthday which she is very, very happy about and I think it might even be a 30:30:40?

Oh well!


I'm just glad you have stoped saying little brother.. expecially because I'm taller than you, people were starting to think there were other connotations behind it. hmm


Some more.

Nathan - 5:55:40

Will - 20:50:30



and in relationships? 0:1:99... gee that's pretty depressing huh.

just wanted to let u know i spent a few days thinking about this!


Unique Jen. Unique. But I'm sure you get that a lot.

You really spend very little time in the moment. That is bizarre, how do you have something to reminisce about when you don't spend much time doing it? And why do you keep anticipating so much when you never end up doing much? You'd think you'd stop after a while.

Maybe the geek test results corelate to the Event Tense Ratio. Hmmm, I'll get in touch with your therapist.......

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