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November 17, 2004



Gday Cuz,
Looks like you are doing ok, mate the photo's look awesome of all the animals. Hope all the symptoms like a runny ass have stopped mate...

London is treating me well, work is busy and I am saving for when I travel in May.Look forward to more photo's bud.

Take Care

Ur Cuz

Ry Ry

Well aren't the Liubinskas' getting around the world. Sorry I couldnt go International like you guys... but I'll be back in Terrigal soon, actually before Christmas soon. Thought you might want to know Mick since we never talk no more... sobh sobh

Toddy, good to hear that your well in a place where I hear alot of bridges fall down?? and if I actually remembered to contact you earlier, you could have been on Rove Live, there looking for Aussies in London.

keep well boys


Good to hear that the Liubinskasseseseses are staying in touch. The bridge has not fallen down yet, but give it tie, bloody poms..haha

Yeah I knew about Rove but couldn't make it due to work, damn!!all good though. It would've been funny to dress up like an idiot.

Stay safe and drop me an email at work bud.

Toddy [email protected]

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