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August 02, 2004


John Mabbott


Are you staying with us in London 10/11/12 August? Just checking...


Ben Scott

Mick, Well you will be happy to know that Shannon and myself have already experienced the fun that is that wonderful magic world of Dingle! A happy place full of fishermen and American tourists living happily side by side! Awe inspiring scenery of cliffs and amazing mountains are simple backdrops to the real show which is the procession of tourist buses navigating around the apparent goat tracks that claim to be roads. If you want to play chicken with the best in the world, look into the steely eyes of the Dingle penisula bus driver and see what 20 tons of steel and blue rinse hair can do to a hire car from Avis!

Our journey took us to Killarney which is one of the larger touristy destinations. Nice if you want to see a city that has a nike outlet store or if you prefer a 20,000 acre park with lake, castles and deer in the town centre. Here's a hint, get a map before you start your run around the park itself so you know exactly how many hours it will take to complete a circuit. Surprisingly its a bit larger than Hyde park in Sydney to run around ! Enjoy your trip in Ireland and if you get to Dublin make sure you spend some time in the Temple Bar area and definitely do the Guiness factory tour.

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