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July 13, 2004


Michael Liubinskas

Hey Michael Liubinskas , this is Michael Liubinskas,
Forgot to say goodbye , but , hey , we will see you sometime again?.
All the family wish you a safe and exciting trip, and look forward to reading your adventures.
Kodi is getting a new laptop for his soon to be birthday and it will then give him the opportunity to see all this.
Compared to the snail pace of the old laptop it should be quick enuf to keep his interest.

So there were a few tears , awe shucks!! , when Todd leaves I will be having a big brass band , and I will ensure the cuffs stay on untill the plane is over Hornsby.
Man ,I am going to save a lot of money , Giddyup!!

Just spoke with your old man (the multi millionaire) and looks as though we have a buyer for some of your gear (the Fridge and bed) so then its final , you cant come back .

Mate , have a great time , stay safe , and we will see you one day soon.

Uncle MIck


Hey Mick,

It's great to see you're on your way to the exciting travels which await you.

But come on get to the real news...joined the mile high club yet :-P

safe travels.



Say hi to old London town for me. Oh, & you must go to the old cloister at Westminster abbey this time (you don't have to go into the main abbey, pay or queue)! It's beautiful. I'll email you directions.

I'll get RSS feed too. Can't wait to hear your adventures...

dear ol dad

Hi Michael,
glad you made it ok and dont tell the poms about Australia ok the red beast has arrived and I will be dealing with it - Nath was supposed to be here at 7 pm but was running late so your mum and I like darby and joan her in slippers and me in me track suit are sitting at the settlers arms having bit of dinner and a coke. we would have looked a sight anyway while waiting for Nath we put $10 in the pokies and won $60 so it was worth it.

Is it ok to sell that stuff to Michael? I told him he has to come and get it??

see ya have fun


How are the women's bathrooms over there, Mick?


Rani!!! Stop it.

Yes, I thought the hostel in Oxford had unisex toilets but apparently I was wrong. No - I didn't walk into the shower with the Swedish Womens Volleyball team (bummer) just got a strange look...


I spelt it right!!!
Whilst sitting in an internet cafe in Peru, South America, I wonder to myself "what the hell is Mick up to?" Guess I could track him on the internet somehow... the spelling of the surname always was the killer. But I spelt it right and Google has it wrong! I am impressed my sun soaked brain is still useable after 3 months of travelling!
I am so glad you have a website, great to have a read and a sneak at the photos. Where are you planning on travelling now, are you working as well?
So now you're in London and I am here, shame. Are you planning on travelling through South America at all? I will be here for until March next year, come over its grrrreat.
Oh and word on the street is all the South American girls LOVE the foreign boys, something to do with their larger sized feet. Lots of fantastic looking options here. Enticing???
Anyway, please send me an email so we can have a good ol' chin wag about the world and how we plan to conquer it
take care,

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