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March 01, 2004



I've got a ginger friend hes gay but i dont mind chris daniels he douse cause trouble hes vermin he needs to be killed and put under my floor boards............

simone neumann

i am a red head and i find this very offensive this web site could cause so much trouble in a young or old persons life it could cause bullyin or attacks u dont under stand their is nothin wrong with this colour hair in fact 'red heads are taking over from blondes as the most fancied babes, and i found this in the news paper by a uni which carried out research about it so up urs u sad perthetic people who have nothin better to do with ur life than to sit on ur comps and make up shit like this.


lol, oh for gods sake. look im ginger and if i couldnt laugh at the funny jokes about it i gess i wud get upset lol. and if this guy has sed he isnt tryin to offend anyone then i think u owe him an apology.
insted of sayin all this stuff on the net, try sayin it to the ppl who say stuff and maybe ull see that they wont do it anymore.

junaki n snukaki

giners r very gay wil nok any of em out send em to englnd ill pin the lil gingers dwn and bleach there hair they make me sik!
if i was ginger i wud kil my self they hav less wight to live than a fly


i will nok u out i am gingr u gingerit bastard


My brother is the "ginger kid" who owns this site, if he thought it would effect future lives of other people with red hair I dont think he would keep it up here.

I get picked on for being tall and lanky as well as maybe having the slight moments of uncoordination but if you are comfortable with yourself then it shouldnt matter what people say, write, bullie or tease you about. Just GET OVER IT and move on, theres alot more to life then being influenced by someones WEB BLOG !!!


I believe with have already seen the solution to the ginger dilemma, do what Mick does and let it all fall out! As long as you stay clean-shaven and stay in the sun so your arm and leg hair lightens to blondish, people might not even be able to guess you were once part of that blighted minority, the ginger!

Luckily I can laugh it up from here, as my hair is clearly strawberry-blonde, or perhaps auburn at the most.

Martine Waite

i think everyone is over reacting about the site. its a joke, and its a funny one. 2 of my best friends have ginger hair and i couldn't care less. they both think the site is funny. To be honest though i can understand where some people are coming from when they say its upsetting because they have been bullied but they should realsise that the site isn't being nasty its just having a laugh.

Kyle Wotton

I agree wholeheartedly with the comment made by Miss. Martine Waite. I know a small Ginger girl of Seven years called Saffi, who suffers greatly from bullying at school. Frankly, she still laugh's along when I call her "Ginge" and "Copperhead". It's good when people can laugh about it, and even though I joke and say that Ginger's should be exterminated, I am, indeed, only joking. They're human beings after all. I get called things for being Homosexual, but I laugh and joke too! Just play along, and ignore the people who genuinely mean to cause discomfort!!! (By the way, as a child I had Ginger hair, and even now there are traces of Ginger in my beard!!!)


fantastic. finally some people seeing the lighter side of it.

And thanks for your comments John. Yes, as i am going bald I may not be able to proudly hold up my head and say that I'm a ginger.


Ahhhhhhhh the joys of the internet......!
The fun clearly never stops around here!
Oh and Krissie, you sound a bit deranged... no offence meant.


ginger adults are usually ok but ginger kids are anoying, stropy and very hard to like.


im 21 years old and from america, i traveled to the uk once about a year ago with several of my friends. i have red hair, and in america when someone disrespects you for anything big or small they run the risk of being seriously hurt. this is something i think the uk lacks. i and my three friends one other white and two black, if that matters, where walking down a street and two guys bumped into me and sayed something about my red hair. one of my black friends hit one in the face before he could speak again, i and my other friends jumped on them and seriously hurt them, robbed them, and ran. i guess you can say i cause alot of trouble but its not from my red hair i was with two black kids and a white kid with black hair as well

the reason we hurt them wasnt because they were talking about red hair but because they were talking shit. if this would have happened in new orleans, where im from, they would have both probably been shot.

i guess my point is that you shouldnt talk boss unless you can handle yourself

Martine Waite

hey john. are you some sort of gangster?! I know what you mean though. i am from the UK and it is alot different from the US. I mean people here can easily get away with saying crap about strangers but i have heard that Americans are quite violent! Well done for standing up for yourself


John, if that is true and you fought someone just because they said something about someone's hair, then you have got to be a low life. You think you're a man, but it just means that you have no substance and probably little integrity. If that is all it takes to provoke you and that is the only way you know how to respond, then you are a very immature person. Best of luck.

BTW, a reminder that this is a joke. It is meant to by a parody.


Mick, Mick, Mick, what have you done? Maybe the poster should have read "It could happen to you. People with no sense of humour - help find a cure".

BTW happy bday from a couple of months back - i've finally joined the 30 club last week as well.

claire rimt scwiney

well at my school gingers r the most popular, everyone loves them,this site cud caus some damage to young minds it may lead to degrading of tht soul and its a shame. bt i just laff it off. i think this site takes it too far..gingers r just normal people! LEAVE US ALONE!!wat i dont understand is wats wrong wiv gingers???!!??


gingers r soo gay and they destroy my life


ive got red hair and im always bullied about it but i dnt care. sod them all. its only a joke i mean ppl say shit about blondes to so just get over it .


i am 17 years old, i have long dark ginger hair and have had 2 live with this pathetic crap for 17 years. you people have no idea what this websites do to children, to you its fun to us its torture. you try living with this hair colour, telling everyone how proud you are to be ginger when they are trying to set my hair alight because they cant stand it. you people are pathetic sad, small minded idiots who need to grow up and get a life or a hobby even. and dont say anything about our gorgeous hair when you have boring mousy hair, and remember that one person who admires my hair will not even look twice at you mingers!!!!

Race Mike Race

Hey it's almost been a year since the original post and this chain of responses is still going strong! Who'd have thought that red hair was such a provocative topic? Good work all you firey bloodnuts!

Hey Mick good to hear that you're having such an amazing time over there mate. Will you ever leave Africa?


haha that picture is gr8! that american geezer made me larf too haha awwww god bless america haha pathetic lol! black hair is the best btw and lighten up gingeys if youre all so great then you must be able to take a joke!

valley view you are the best

I have a confession to make - i am an honorary ginger. My sister is a ginge, my mum is a ginge, my uncle and my grandmother - and i thank the lord every day that i have mousey brown hair. Unfortunately my beard is ginger and so are my pubes. But i can usually hide it by wearing underpants on my head and shaving off my curly bits.


If this is who I think it is, then I remember being in the little quadrangle up above the library between the two sides of the school and having the teachers arrange us in hair colour and you and Robert Hay not getting in any group because you said you had honey coloured hair.

Yep, that's the warped memory I've got......

by the way, there is a bomb in the cricket nets that's going to explode at 1pm........ :~)



at the rate this post gets replies, you'll be in front of the ICOJ before you know it! *LOL* Either that or they'll award you with a Nobel Prize or something.

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