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March 01, 2004



funny! true!!


We might cause 8 times as much trouble but we're 10 times as much joy!!

Ethen Cowley is Ginger

Ethen Cowley Is Ginger


i think that this site is offensive and wrong. U have no idea of the effects that this crap could have on chidren with ginger hair, this is rubbish and soooo not true. Coming from a mum with as you say ginger hair who is a smashing kid. I have 2 kids one blonde one ginger...... guess who is the worst.......Mmmm wrong.... the blonde one. U divs do something more constructive with your time. UR SAD


I can't believe you think it is real. It is a joke. Check the pictures of me. I'm a red head.

But thanks for caring.


Maybe it isn't real but when kids print this picture off and think its funny, then wrap a large stone in it and throw it through your window late at night aimed at your child, because of their colour hair believe me its not funny at all.


Yes, I could imagine that it isn't funny at all. But did that actually happen to you? I think perhaps it is a being a little bit over the top. It would be important to show children that this is satirical, but that is just one of the important points that children need in education today. I think that with the trillions of web pages that this one is perhaps not worthy of censorship.

For more great satire try

Tabitha - do you have any opionions on the matter?

vicki steadman

No it didn't happen to me, but it did happen to my friend over the road we both have children with the same hair colour. i'm lucky that i have brought my children up better than that and the ginger one is ok with his hair colour and doesn't care what people say to him.


I believe that nearly every difference in a persons appearence is joked about. Being their hair colour, hight, facial expressions, and definetely how people treat other people. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Mick placed this up on the site to have a harmless satirical joke that much relates to his own upbringing.

Theres no harm in that. Look at our surname, theres more harm in trying to spell that out to people when you introduce ourselves to people, Trust me.

When my brother Mick is trying to cause harm to another person is the day the world has gone crazy.

I'm done on this...



I once had a ginger kid play on my soccer team, he was a nice guy, he didn't cause much trouble until he went overseas where he made a holiday website that caused me to feel insanely jealous. But that was only the beginning. Then he started making slanderous stereotypical generalisations against downtrodden minority groups, causing uproar and drawing the comments that, although they have nothing to do with the topic, emphasise to me that this ginger kid does infact cause at least 8 times more trouble than other kids.


Hello there. I think what you say is soooo evil! my and my friends have our own ginger club- the most popular in our school. But yes you made us think how about changing our beautiful and Vibrant hair going for a boring shade of Brown or blonde. we did this!! to bad our ginger hair resisted the dye. hmm we're happy with our hair thankyou very much. ur just dickheads who think this will upset us special people- ur wrong DICKWADS

charlotte taylor

well we might cause trouble but we sure know how 2 have a gud time!!! un we never get forgoten cuz we stand out from the crowd!!! so if your ginger like me hold your head up high and be proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charlotte taylor

well we might cause trouble but we sure know how 2 have a gud time!!! un we never get forgoten cuz we stand out from the crowd!!! so if your ginger like me hold your head up high and be proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey there ginger kids..... rock on!!!!!!! i am not ginger but wish i was i drea, about being ginger because all the ginger kids in my school have friends and i wisj i had one!!!!!

Carrie Simpson

hey there people. my name is carrie and i am a ex-ginger. we love to lick emmas apple. and drink her still water. steph needs to learn that she should shut her mouth. slagging me cos i'm an ex-ginger. you never know one of these days i might just eat my own head.


please could you help me....

whilst I myself am not ginger, and neither is the father I am pregnant and rather concerned I could have a ginger baby as there is a slight history of it in my family...what are my chances?...and also do ginger people have brown eyes?

From a "worried" mother to be


what a sad women you are kayleigh. Of all the tragedies that can happen to an unborn child and all you care about is if it could have red hair.

What a bunch of racist middle class prejudice peolpe we have here. IN my school one lad comited suicide after a year of torment over his hair colour.

200 years ago we would say such things about black peolpe. People cannot change WHAT they are. Sad very sad,


I cant believe that someone is sad enough to create this website! Theres absolutely nothing wrong with having ginger hair, u ppl are acting like its a disease or something!!! i bet thought that none of u wud haev the guts to go up to a famous celebrity liek Lindsay Lohan and point at her and go: "ew, your ginger, go die!" i think that n e one hu makes fun of ginger hair is just sad and pathetic, sow to if its a little different from n e one elses hair??? black hair is completely different to blonde hair, but so wot? y dont u all just leave ginger people alone, there are far more things that r goign on in this world such as racism, and all u can care about is a hair colour!


U r all sick, i have ginger hair and all these people at my school have been showing this poster around and it's real horrid, i've recently been trying too stop people laughing at me and was doing really well, I was staring to think there was nothing wrong with being ginger, and now that picture is all over the school and i get teased really bad, also about bad behaviour, I'm not the perfect angel, who is? but I know alot of people who are really badly behaved compared with me and I wouldn't catogorise them. Coz I'm not that sort of person, some of you people are worried that u mite give birth to a ginger, but my mum is always really supportive of me and loves me none the less. i have some good mates who think I'm really cool, different and original for having ginger hair. U r making alot of people's lives worse than they already are.


some idiots just called me... wait what did they say? "uuuh.. cake... yeah, carrot cake"
obviously they were like completely ignorant twelve year olds and i simply stuck my finger up at them.

i like that kind of humour, but if that had been a poster saying "don't have black kids" etc... would anyone really have reacted in exactly the same way?

well... NO. anyone who picks on someone because they are simply different is an ignorant, unintelligent twat - really - i mean picking out something so unfunny and just stupid.. jesus.

anyway, Red hair is beautiful, right? in all the hairdressers ive ever been in they've praised me for my hair and been so ingrigued by the unusual colour.
having mousy-brown hair would be SO boring.


ok, for once and for all, this posting is a joke. It is meant to be funny. I have red hair.


I have red hair!!!

Sorry if i've offended anyone.


I for one am all for this sort of site, it exposes for what has long been an underclass, the ginger. In my view this site is a celebration of the unique traits that make the ginger so special. Let you not mock but rather celebrate your differences, to be a truly a rainbow nation we need the colour orange!


Riiight.. all this time I thought Mick's hair was orange, not red ;) O.K, ok so he hasn't got much hair.. Buuuut seriously.. get well soon brotha


You guys are a bunch of dick heads! Especially if you've got red hair you should know what it feels like! Its not fucking funny you twat! I'm constantly picked on because of the colour of my hair, and people I don't even know just use it as something else to laugh at! It's not fucking fair!

charlotte Taylor

hi leslie, thanks 4 stealing my idea u stupid girl.
Gingers r meant to stick tgether but u must be the exception to our rule.
Im a brunet and dyed my hair ginger cus im obcesed with u guys. U rock my world.
L8R sexy gingers.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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