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October 27, 2003



Interesting point, but if Jonny wants to kick the ball let him kick the ball.


An interesting idea, but I doubt it would ever be approved. Placekicking isn't something everyone is good at, and would get controversial if guys who can't kick, need to kick a conversion to win the game - the pressure and scrutiny if they missed it would be brutal at the pro level.

Professional kickers learn to live with missed game winning goals - the poor second rower probably couldn't.. Still, a consideration though


That is why it is a good idea. More pressure on more players. Everything is pressure at that level. Imagine the last minute try and the prop passes to the fly-half near the corner - more pressure!! I like it.

Jonny who?? Did England nearly lose to Samoa last night. Chink in the armour!


Jonny didn't look too good against Samoa on Sunday! Missed first attempt and bounced one right in front? Reckon Johnson ought to step in *LOL*


More on Jonny...

Yes, England might win just because one guy can kick. But with this rule it would place more pressure on teams filled with one dimensional players, like England.

aUs rOb

Nah, Idon't agree that more pressure is better. Secondly, it'll be hell for minnow nations to win! They have enough trouble just scoring a try let alone kicking goals.


What? You want to be nice to the world class athletes? That's crazy.

Pressure can mean excitement and it doesn't take away from the game. You work hard, score a try and then you get the bonus points if you can kick it over. But if a big forward who can't kick pushes over for a try, it makes the game more interesting.

Multi dimensional players. Everyone has to have a bit of kicking practice. You have your expert, but everyon has to be good enough.


If you wanted to see a kicker who has extreme difficulty getting the ball through the posts, you should have seen Koen in the South Africa vs. England game.

I think this idea has about as much prospect of success as widening the goal in soccer for more excitement.

PS Mick, write more entries about sport, you'll get more comments than the ones about your personal life! ;-)


For soccer, the goal keeper shouldn't be allowed to use his hands...

Widening the goals would just mean more long range shots. Although you could make the goals higher???


It would indeed make it more interesting. So would many other innovations, like two balls for example.

If you are talking about making it more enjoyable for the fans, I for one would enjoy it more as a one off experience... especially if the players didn't know about the impending rule change!

But we may either see many many missed conversion attempts, OR, a bunch of players who could kick okay but not do their other jobs so well. I do like the fact that rugby takes so many different types of players each doing a different type of job. To make them all responsible for one thing would be to reduce its 'chees like' appeal.


It importantly to me takes the emphasis of the game off the conversion. It makes those 2 points just a bonus.

Put more emphasis back on the tries.


And of course, converting your own tries, whilst innovative, is not silly and not implementable without changing the entire game, unlike using 2 balls.

Sounds like a consultants idea....


What about having both teams scoring at the same try line ... with two balls of course.

That'll be $25k thanks.

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