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Hey Bella, long time no chat. Hope you had a great xmas and nye. Sounds like a good plan.

How is work going? HOw is the asthma??



Hey Mick,

I had a great Christmas and NYE thanks! I'm back in Sydney afer a great holiday spent down the south coast and in the Snowy Mountains. The Asthma is at the moment non - existent - Touch Wood! When are you due back in Sydney? ALthough afer your adventures abroad it wouldn't surprise me if you delayed your return!

Mick Molloy

Hiya Bella

The blog site looks awesome, will definately have to get around to creating my own as it is probably a little easier than email some times. Great to hear you and Steve had an awesome holiday and also got a dumping of snow as well.

Snowed again in Belfast on Monday night and woke to a beautiful white city on Tuesday morning, little bit chilly but everywhere looked awesome. Took some photos from my bedroom window of the snow so will send to steve some time soon.

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