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September 30, 2005



Love it. I'll take two.

"Dolphins are great on some rye bread with a little mayonaise" Cartman on South Park.


If you search google for;

dolphin for sale ebay - this posting comes up second!


Ooops - I mean;

real live dolphin ebay

Nicky Holety

I'll buy it off you for $3,000 - we would love on for our pool... it's huge and the kids would love swimming with it.


You do realise Nicky that not only is it wrong to keep Dolphins as a pet but If you could sell them... I think it would be worth a little more than $3,000.

I could make that much in a week from charging the local kids to swim with it.


Dudes this is a fake


Dolphin-for-sale hoax angers SPCA, DoC

By Angela Gregory

The hoax sale of a dolphin on the Trade Me website has angered the SPCA, which says it has never been inundated with so many complaints.

The "seller" from West Auckland claimed the dolphin was being kept in a domestic swimming pool after being accidentally caught in a net during a weekend fishing trip.

SPCA national chief executive Robyn McDonald said the hoax was an irresponsible attempt at self-promotion at the expense of New Zealand's international reputation as a nation that cares for animals.

She had received hundreds of concerned emails and telephone calls.

"While the majority of these simply expressed their concern, there were also comments along the lines of Kiwis will sell anything. Even though the posting has now been revealed as a hoax, our national reputation will still have sustained some damage.

"We understand that the hoaxer is now offering to recompense the SPCA for the trouble he has caused. While his donation will be welcome, he should have considered the damage he was likely to inflict before indulging in this totally irresponsible attempt at self-promotion."

Peter Younger, a senior Department of Conservation investigator, said he was also annoyed at having to waste his time investigating the hoax.

Mr Younger had talked to the offender, an Auckland advertising manager, who had expressed some regret but was surprised at people's gullibility.

"He could not believe the fuss."

He had previously investigated similar hoaxes about the proposed sale of a brown kiwi and penguins.

Mike O'Donnell, of Trade Me, said the hoax was removed from the site within 40 minutes.

He said Trade Me employed 20 people to check postings on the site.

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Dude, I thought it was a fake but its still funny. There was also someone trying to sell a time machine on NZ Ebay the other week... prob a fake as well but still funny...

not tellin

aww man i was trying to find out if normal people could really own dolphins, this sucks, u jerks, does anyone no for sure if normal peeps can own a dolphin? plez answer


I don't think so dude! It takes a little more care than your average GoldFish.

You will need a shit load of cash and lots of care. But then again, getting one to do tricks and stuff would be cool.

Good luck finding one!


i want to buy life dolphin


i want to buy life dolphin


Where can you bid on the dolphin? How much approx. is it???????????


I can't believe some people.. Ernest, you honestly believe you can BUY a real live dolphin?

Before anyone leaves a message I reccomend actually reading over the comments left in response to the sale of a real life dolphin.

Go to sea world - They have plenty of Dolphins to LOOK at!

MArketing friends

i believe i would be the best fit to own this anemal!!!! i love creatures like this. me and flippy are much alike. we'd keep eachother compiny. we both have obscured blowholes, mine being a birth defect.
PLEASEEEE pick me i need a friend!
btw DRANK DICA!!!!

ethan ellis

Hi!i hear you are keeping a dolphin.i like dolphins.How did you cach it?

ethan ellis

for your infermation dolphins are mamels because it comes to the surfus that prooves there mamels alsoe because they dont have gills


Thanks for that Ethan


i love dolphins i always wanted to swim with one. they are my favorite.
but i heard it is a lot of money.


Not really, I swam with Dolphins at Hamilton Island when they had them in the main pool.

I was around 8 at the time so I can't remember it very well, they are very slippery.


Can't believe some people actually made stupid offers thinking "it would be great to own a dolphin... " or asking to give it to an aquarium, which is no better than keeping it in a backyard pool... google aquatic park dolphin cruelty if you still believe sea world and all those wonderfull places are great for the dolphins......

You can actually see another dolphin in that picture... not very credible


Dolphins are EXTREMELY intelligent, they actually have self-awareness... which for long we thought was what differenciated men from animals.
Captive dolphins die at very early ages because they are NO WAY suitable for captivity. Aquatic parks just buy 10 "skippy", then 4 of them die... so these get replaced... and another will 2 go insane and ram their heads on the concrete pool sides until they die from internal bleeding.. they are replaced... and 2 years later another group will die.. and get replaced! Of course all Marine Land and cie ever tell us is "he died of old age"...
The reason they actually do the boring tricks (yes they get bored after having done them 8000 times)
is that it is the ONLY stimulation that they ever get in that tiny pool.

Its like locking up a Hell Angel's guy in a 4 by 4 cell with nothing in it but a magazine about flowers or home decoration... can guarantie ya after a few days or weeks in there he will start reading it! ^^


hi if you dont wont the dolphin i will i now nealy all abort dolphins i live in austraila and i wished to have a real dolpin in my pool and train it do you now what you doing feed it some catch fish go online and find what fish they eat.


i live in taree and it keep coming as posted by amy may 23 2008 at 3;55am that wrong date and time june 23 5;17


send me email a colbyh10@hotmail.com tell more abort the dolphin


my email is colbyh10@hotmail.com if you do not wont like the dolphin give it to me i will train it ok

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