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    Hi, I'm a part of the great Tangler team and I ran marketing and business development for Kazaa, launching version 2 and taking it to the most downloaded application in history.

    I also worked at Zapr, IBM, Virgin, MassMedia, eCoast and have helped build loads more web applications. My chief skill is in balancing the community, technology and business sides - I speak all three languages.

    If you're running a web application and you want to make it really hum, then I'm here to help.

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June 13, 2007


Lachlan Hardy

Thanks, Mick! Obviously, I'm rapt to have written some articles for R/WW - hopefully, I'll be writing a few more!

For me, the problem with Techcrunch being the 'galactic central point' is that there is no longer any point in trying to keep up with that many posts per day - if they post something interesting/relevant to *me*, somebody will point it out to me.

I've never seen the point in TechMeme because if something is big enough to make Techmeme, then I'll have already heard about it from somebody else.

I'm sure that changes for everybody depending on specific needs! Which I guess is your final sentence ;)

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