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August 20, 2005



Hello, I'm not sure if I am allowed to do this, really, and it looks like this blog was abandoned a long time ago, but I was hoping you might want to share some info about Arusha with me. I am a college student in Vermont, USA. I want to volunteer in Tanzania, hopefully Arusha, this summer. (I was in malawi last year, but I would really like to learn Kiswahili, and Tanzania seemed a good place to do it.) I am interested in volunteering with any small-scale, locally run organization, doing children's outreach, women's outreach, work with sustainable agriculture, environmen protection, perhaps even education. If you get this comment, and could give me any information about Arush in general, or about orgs there in particular, I would love it if you emailed me: leahb@middlebury.edu Thanks a ton!

Tim Daley

I am currently employed with The Salvation Army as a youth worker. I have a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice from Griffith University. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Canada, America, Mexico and South America. Any information on the volunteer program would be much appreciated. I have had a keen interest in Africa and volunteering in any way possible. Thanks. Tim Daley


Hi Tim,

You can find out more about the School of St Jude at my blog -- www.schoolstjude.blogspot.com.

The school needs long-term (12 months) volunteers with teaching, admin or IT skills. They offer accommodation and a stipend of $300 per month. Gemma will be in Australia in April 2007 on a book launch tour so you could go to one of the book launch events and find out more.

Otherwise, email the school via their website.

Good luck!

charles obeng nti

I am so impressed about your organisation and would love to get to know
more about it! helping hand ghana is an organisation that is worldwidely
known and we would like to get some links with you so that we could
recruite some students.

Am Charlse and run this organisation here in accra and also in the upper
west region of ghana that is wa, You could go through my site and try to
let me knw what you have in mind about it.

Thanks alot


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Again, donate if you can, but I encouage you to visit. It is a wonderful thing and is very good for Africa and the world.

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If you're interested in St Judes School in Arusha, Tanzania, visit;


And I encourage you to do so. It is a great school, doing great things.

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