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May 18, 2005



Tanzanians as do other africans do respect peoples privacy, you got that one wrong my dear


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WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU ON ABOUT????ITS THE SO_CALLED WAZUNGU WHO WALK AROUND HALF NAKED IN PUBLIC NOT THE AFRICANS...the mzungu woman who supposedly asked for a blanket to cover her child certainly didnt do it for propriety's sake!!!!
get your stories right before you write falsehoods that perpetuate the lies that have been spread about africa " see quote from your text above:-"Tanzanians undress readily in from of me and their doctor, unquestioning of my presence as long as the doctor is present to validate it (added to the fact that nudity is nothing private in Tanzania). Whereas one wazungu parent brought her child in for a small sore on her foot and demanded a blanket to cover her daughter’s bare legs. We are used to a level of privacy and comfort Tanzanians don’t demand,"

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