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February 22, 2005



Oh man! The scams in Africa are really elaborate. If I were you I'd get scammed too because the people you were with genuinely seemed friendly.

How are we supposed to draw the line between genuine hospitality and scams I wonder?

Africa was magical because of the genuiness of the people. When I was In Dar I was stranded and a lady took me to her house, fed me and all.

Reading your post,now it seems like it could have been risky...

But anyways, sorry to hear your story but thanks for sharing.


I did the same thing. I went into peoples homes. You have to take a deep breath and take a minute and realise what you are getting into. 3 young guys might turn ugly easier, but an older lady or man might just as easily turn nasty and could be worse because you don't suspect anything.

You can't tell. But I can say that more than 20 times I trusted people a bit, it worked out amazing, but that once....


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